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Passport Approved appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes through its adventurous selection of emerging talent.  With a focus on new music from abroad with a collective audience reach of millions, its target audience is both male and female ranging from 18 to 35.  This show is successful on Alternative, Rock,  Modern Rock, Hip-Hop/Electronic/Dance, and CHR.

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RedCup Country has become the universal symbol of a good time and is now available as a 5-hour weekend party show!  Perfect for stations looking for a multi-dimensional music experience, this show is designed for today's listener - RedCup is the soundreack for Friday and Saturday nights. Hosted by Sean "Coop" Tabler, every hour is a perfect blend of country and party.

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The Old Farmer's Almanac provides a wealth of information for all listeners. This one minute daily feature gives weather, gardening and lifestyle tips to all those listening.

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hardDrive gives your listeners a great cross of hard rock and modern rock music. Rev your listeners up with a first taste of bands and the inside scoop on rock in general.

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Zach Sang & the Gang has become a national CHR hangout with on-point content and music for all the 12-34yr olds out there. This program integrates real time digital and social engagement, just as it's listeners do.

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New Radio Products Available Now

New Shows Available Now

The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver brings listeners a high-energy country dance party that takes country radio to a whole new level.

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YourTechReport is dedicated to bringing the world of tech to the masses in a way that’s not only informative, but accessible to everyone.

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Since 2010, The Real Estate Talk ShowTM has been dedicated to ‘All Things Real Estate’. Whether buying or selling, building or renovating, the show explores the latest trends and hottest topics from across Canada and around the world.

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Own the 80’s with a locally positioned, music intensive show with serious celebrity power.

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Heat up your evening programming with Dr. Berman’s compelling, conversational and engaging show that your female listeners will love.

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Add some Energy with DJ Kav’s three mix shows: The 5 o'clock Mixdown, the 11-minute Friday Throwback and the 4-hour Saturday Night Mixdown.

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With the three new album reissues, Get the Led Out cranks it up with fantastic music and interviews with Jimmy Page.

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Passport Approved is a tastemaker import radio show that airs on many stations in the U.S. and around the world

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Radioplayer Canada is working with the Canadian radio industry to launch the digital platform that has been proven to increase radio listening by 38%. Radioplayer Canada will showcase all Canadian radio stations in one place and allow listeners to engage with an interface that increases time spent listening. This is an industry initiative that will put us in the game and allow us to compete against the big digital players.


7 Great Ways to Boost Your Commotion App Views


So often the radio station looks at their mobile app as just a portable radio.  It’s only when the station can view their mobile app as something they can use to connect to their listeners on a daily basis does it really become powerful.  We have several DJ’s consistently each morning go into the Commotion app manager and change their app to reflect their morning show.  This allows the listener to visually match what they are hearing on-air.  This process only takes a few minutes.

For example, a few months ago, Miley Cyrus was on a TV show in Australia and did a “new move".  By the time morning hit in North America, that video started to go viral.  The station went into their Commotion app manager and changed their app during their morning show, so the video of Miley Cyrus was the first thing a listener saw and watched when opening up their app.  They went on the air and said “You love Miley or hate her but we know you have an opinion about her.  She just launched a new move and we want to hear from you.  Go to our app, watch the video and join into the conversation”.   Their level of engagement went through the roof.

Every station has the ability to create and provide great content and information locally.  This is information no one else in the market is providing but listeners find  VERY important.  What better way to deliver this content then via a computer everyone is carrying around with them, their phones.  

For example, we had a customer who created the “12 days of Christmas contest in their app”.   They created an area of the app which listed the top 12 Christmas light shows.   You would visit one of the houses, take a picture of you in front of the house, and send the picture via the app.  Each new house you visited and took a photo in front of and submitted it via the app, you were entered to win the 60” TV they were giving away.  It was a great and fun way to provide great content listeners couldn’t get anywhere else, right on their mobile phones during Christmas.  There is always something going on locally, these stations should be pushing people to the stations app to get information about those events.


I doubt I need to go into a lot of detail on this one, but let me just say contesting is one of the best ways to drive both downloads and opens of the stations app.  The station needs to think of using the app as the ultimate contest tool.  Each listener driven to the app is a listener who would see an advertiser’s message.   In addition, contesting takes on a whole new level when you consider Beacons which Commotion will be releasing soon, since beacons works with the stations mobile app and can register someone for a contest by simply walking into range of one of the beacons.  


It goes without saying that engagement is a big part of Commotion already.  The problem comes from the station thinking they either need to have a 102.3 NOW type experience or none at all.  This is totally not true.  The best thing any station can do is to see engagement as an event.  Stations already do this on-air with things like “top 8 at 8”.  The key is to educate listeners by inviting them to “Join the Party” between say 6PM - 8PM on the app for example.

Between uploading audio clips, live chat, or voting, when you create the engagement part of Commotion as an event, listeners will tune in and join the party during that set time.   In addition, the station can leverage social media and push notifications via the app to inform listeners who might not be listening but would be interested in joining the party. 


Video has become such an important aspect of mobile and our experience on our mobile devices.  The radio station has such a perfect opportunity to look at their app as the best way to deliver mobile video to their listeners.   Listeners love to feel like they are part of the station and the DJ’s.  We have customers who are creating things like webisodes and mobisodes.  These are small 3 minute videos which show fun and crazy things the DJ’s do every day at the studio.  This could be a clip of the best parts of their morning show (audio) or a funny parody video done once a month from the DJ’s.  

The idea is these video clips or audio clips don’t need to be professional, they don’t need to have a real purpose, they just need to be about connecting and entertaining their listeners. Again, the mobile app is the best way to deliver these because:  
First:  The station can send out a push message to their listeners via the app, which informs listeners who aren’t even listening to the station at that moment of the new video / audio clip.   Second: the listener gets use to opening up the app as their daily dose of entertainment.

Use the app to hear and submit audio clips during a karaoke contest.  We had a station who did a karaoke contest every Wednesday night.  Listeners loved how they could hear every single clip submitted via the app and vote on all clips.  They felt part of the show rather than just being a listener.

Video stream live events and have listeners watch it via the app.  Everything from local remotes to full concerts.  Listeners are already streaming millions of hours on their mobile device, the station should be part of it.